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4 Errors Killing Your 401(k) And Retirement Goals

The 401(k) is one of the greatest vehicles for investing in your retirement. According to a 2015 ICI Research Report, 27% of the average American’s wealth is made up of 401(k) and other defined contribution plan assets. Despite the 401(k)’s potentially great benefits, however, too many Americans fail to make the most of its value and maximize their future net worth. Are you:

6 Common Fears And Issues Concerning Financial Security

Having financial security is a notion driven largely by emotion. It’s a safe bet that at least nine out of every 10 Americans have some fear over their financial future. But, at CircleBlack, we don’t support a gambler’s mindset. We understand the importance of data and insight into total wealth.

Stressing Your Financial Goals? 6 Tips To Sleep At Night

The larger a financial goal is, the more anxiety it’s bound to cause you. Long-term financial goals, such as retirement or your child’s college education, carry some serious stress – the kind that could literally keep you up at night.

Track Your Portfolio Wisely With 4.5 Wealth Management Tips

Wealth management is often a complex and stress-ridden task. By learning to track your portfolio in a simpler and smarter way, you’re in a much better position to reach your financial goals and alleviate the ensuing stress. 

Read the following four and a half tips to become a smarter investor and ease your path to retirement and beyond:

Does Your 401(k) Performance Get Enough Attention?

The 401(k) is one of the most significant investment vehicles of a retirement plan. Your contributions to this retirement account come out of your paychecks, even before you see the money. In a lot of ways, this income is “out of sight” and, thus, “out of mind.” It may seem easier to give little attention to your 401(k), but this lack of consideration is a recipe for poor performance.

Blind To Your Future Net Worth? 6 Keys To Portfolio Tracking

There are two kinds of investors: blind investors and informed investors. The former type carries far more stress. With years and years of necessary saving, knowing what your future net worth must be and how your investments are tracking toward that goal is critical.

4 Ways You’re Crippling Your Long-Term Financial Goals

From retirement to college education or a new home, long-term financial goals are achieved with proper planning and proactivity. Ultimately, reaching these goals is a number-one priority, but it’s also incredibly beneficial to do so without the burden of stress.

Retire At 65? 70? Will Your Future Net Worth Be Enough?

Can you project your future net worth? Do you know how much you’ll need to retire? How about how far along you are toward that long-term financial goal? 

If you answered “No” to these questions, you’re risking your financial future. 

It’s difficult to think far enough ahead to prioritize your prospective lifestyle and the future of your finances. We’re naturally biased toward the present, but the ability to plan for your financial future and accurately estimate how much money you’ll need is critical.  

Where do you even begin?