Is There Any Hope for Emerging Markets?

Emerging market stocks have been among with worst-performing asset classes this year. While so far in 2015 US stocks are down slightly and international developed stocks are slightly up, emerging market stocks have lost more than 12%. And this isn’t a new phenomenon: in 3 of the previous 5 calendar years emerging market stocks have dramatically underperformed their US counterparts. Is there any hope for this battered asset class?

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How a Strong US Dollar Can Hurt Emerging Markets

The US Dollar has surged in 2014, increasing in value since the start of the year versus every other major currency. A strong US dollar has big implications for the global economy and affects almost every investment in your portfolio. Not all of these effects are the same, however, and the most substantial impact may be on investments in emerging markets.

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The Rise of Political Risk

One important trend in global financial markets during the last few years has been a rise in political risk, a concept referring to political changes that could affect the value of an investment. The number of events associated with political risk—such as elections, mass protests, and military interventions—has increased by 54% since 2011, according to a study by analysts at Citigroup. This kind of increase has a couple key implications for investors.

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