Meeting Your Income Needs with a Total Return Approach

If you need to generate income from your investment portfolio to pay for expenses, the process of selecting investments can seem a lot more complicated. Since almost all bonds, many stocks, and some alternative investments provide periodic income in the form of interest or dividends, almost any portfolio will generate some cash. But in the current low interest rate environment, there aren’t many investments that yield more than a few percentage points.

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The Weak Link Between Economic Growth and Market Returns


When deciding where to allocate your investments on a global basis, it’s tempting to look for the fastest-growing economies and put your money there. Yet academic studies have shown that there’s only a very weak relationship between how fast a country’s economy grows and how well its stock market performs.

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The Value of “All in One Place”

These days almost everyone has multiple investment accounts, from standard brokerage accounts to retirement accounts such as 401k’s and IRA’s to college savings plans such as 529’s. Being able to view all of your accounts in one place rather than hopping from website to website or monthly statement to monthly statement can make the process of keeping tabs on your investments substantially easier. But being able to see everything in one place isn’t simply a time-saving trick. It can also improve how you manage your portfolio.

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